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Whether You are Outdoors Grilling for a Summer Bar-B-Q or 
Indoors Preparing Food for a Big Occasion (or just Family Dinner) 
We've Got your Cooking and Food Preparation Answers !

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Click here for Meat Tenderizers

Jaccard Meat Tenderizers

Produces incredibly tender meat with 
no loss of natural juices.

Why does the Jaccard Meat Tenderizer work better than a meat mallet?
Simply stated, its razor sharp stainless steel knives tenderize meat by surgically cutting through the connective tissues in meat that cause it to be tough.

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Click here for Stovetop Smokers

Camerons Stovetop Smokers

The "original" Smoker-Cooker. Camerons Stovetop Smoker is the same commercial-quality, stainless steel smoker used by chefs nationwide. Hot smoke in minutes right on your own stove top. 

Plus Cameron Mini Smoker, Smoker Recipe Book, Wood Chips Smoker Bags

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Click here for Mandoline Slicers

Jaccard Mandoline

Quite possibly the safest mandoline in the world. 
This patent pending design offers unparalleled safety, as it takes advantage of the downward and forward motion required during operation, to 
keep the user’s fingers securely positioned inside the "finger cavity" of 
the food holder.


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Click here for Bear Can Chicken Roasters

Beer Can Chicken Roaster

Never have dry chicken again.
Broast a full size chicken right in your oven or on your barbeque! Simple one piece stainless steel construction. Vertical Chicken Beer Roaster allows reduced fat while maintaining the moisture. Use your favorite beer, marinade or fruit juice to enhance your flavor experience.

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Click here for Oven Jerky Makers

Oven Jerky Maker 

Make jerky in your own oven.
Tastes better than commercial jerky without the added preservatives and chemicals. 
Costs less to make than store prices. 
Easy clean up, just put the oven rack in the dishwasher. 
Makes over a Pound of jerky at a time. 
Easy to use and great results. 

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Click here for Grilling Planks

Grilling Planks   

Grilling Planks for the outdoor Bar-B-Q.
The planks allow seafood, meat, chicken and vegetables to roast slowly, basting in their own juices, creating a subtle smokey flavor.  No fat or oil should be added, as the moisture from the plank keeps your food juicy and flavorful with no nutrient loss.  Comes with full instructions and 7 tasty recipes


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Grill-n-Go Disposable Charcoal Grill

Grill-n-Go is the 
disposable charcoal grill that can 
be used outdoors everywhere! 

Perfect for Tailgating, Picnics, Camping, Hiking, Beaches, Hunting and more. This convenient item is totally self-contained. No lighter fluid is 
needed to start the charcoal, and clean-up is nonexistent.

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Picnic Backpacks & Wine Cellars

Picnic anywhere in style.
Everything you need for the Perfect Picnic: insulated food compartments, plates, glasses, cutlery, bottle opener,
cutting board, cheese knife, S & P, tablecloth, napkins & more.
Or choose our compact insulated wine caddy complete with wine glasses, napkins and corkscrew / bottle opener.

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Makin' Bacon

Microwave Bacon Cooker. 
Simple, Quick and Easy !

For healthier better tasting bacon, 
cook it above the fat instead of in it.  
Cooks bacon with less hassle.  
Cooks more bacon - FAST!  
Cleanup is a breeze.  
Dishwasher safe. Stores Compact.


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Steven Raichlen Recipe Books

Recipe books by the award winning author Steven Raichlen
Steven Raichlen is America's grilling authority. He is the author of The Barbecue! Bible and Barbecue! Bible Sauces, Rubs, and Marinades. The New Yorker writes, For aspiring gourmets of the grill . . . there is only one book: The Barbecue! Bible.

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Multi-Roaster Roasting Pan

Three quality cookware products combined to roast, sauté and bake your favorite foods !
Triple-ply brushed steel cooking surfaces on top and bottom pans allow you to use them separately as sauté pans as well as together as an extra large roaster. (Accommodates a 20 lb. Turkey, Small Ham or Large Roast)

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Turkey Fryers

Indoor Electric & Outdoor Propane Turkey Fryers 
There's no better way to cook a Turkey !
For decades, deep frying a turkey 
has been a tradition that has 
enjoyed enormous popularity 
throughout the South. Now the
whole country is finding out about
this succulent southern secret.

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